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Car glass repair common sense, you need to know these
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Automobile glass is an important part of the body, and because glass is a fragile product, we should pay special attention to it. However, when many people use car glass, they know that it is strong and will not break easily. In the long run, the protection of the glass will be taken lightly. In fact, the car glass is also fragile. Frequent inspections are necessary. If damage is found, it must be done in time deal with. Next, the editor of Huang Pineapple will tell you about the common sense of car glass repair, you need to know this!

1. Is the car glass repair troublesome: The car glass repair does not need to disassemble the windshield, the entire repair time is about half an hour. Therefore, repairing is not troublesome at all, and generally repairing will not delay the owner's car.

2. Is auto glass repair expensive: Auto glass repair shops have different types of glues due to differences in craftsmanship. There is no relatively uniform price recommendation on the market. It is possible to repair tens to hundreds of yuan, which is relatively regular repair shops. Glass generally costs 200 yuan or more.

3. Is there a time limit for car glass repair: There was a saying that the glass should be repaired within a certain period of time if it is damaged, and it cannot be repaired beyond this time period. We also consulted relevant experts. When the glass is damaged, it should be repaired as soon as possible, otherwise the wound will gradually expand and some dirt will enter the wound, which will affect the repair effect. However, there is currently no strict time limit, and it is more based on the wound condition during repair. Therefore, it is necessary to repair as soon as possible when problems are found.

4. Be careful when changing the windshield wipers: part of the car glass repairs at Huangpine is due to cracks hit by stones on high-speed, and some are caused by accidentally smashing the glass when the owner cleans the wiper by himself or when replacing the wiper. Be extra careful when checking the wiper blade to avoid scratching the glass.

5. Insuring glass insurance: Some friends think that glass is not as prone to scratches or even damage as the car body, so they will not buy special glass insurance, but I still recommend that you buy this insurance, be prepared, after all, you need to replace one The price of glass is still very high!

Automobile glass is directly related to the safety of our vehicles, so the inspection and daily maintenance of the glass cannot be ignored. Once you find any problems on the glass, you must fix it in time!

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