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What to do if car glass fogs up in summer
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You can wipe it off with a wiper first, and then blow a bit of hot air in the direction of the windshield, and the fog will dissipate immediately. The fogging of the windshield is because the air temperature in the cab of the car is much lower than outside the cab.


The air is humid in summer. When the air conditioner in the cab is turned on for a period of time (especially when the temperature is set very low), the temperature in the cab is much lower than the temperature of the outside air, and the temperature of the windshield also decreases. When the windshield The temperature is as low as the condensation point of water vapor.

At this time, the moisture in the air will condense when it encounters the windshield. Because the moisture content of the air is not enough to make the moisture condense into beads, it can only become tiny water particles. Due to the tension of the water, many small water particles are connected Together, it becomes a thin layer of fog. The solution is to appropriately increase the temperature of the cab, so that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cab should not be too great, and the conditions for moisture condensation are not allowed.

The windshield will not be fogged. In addition, spray anti-fogging agent and other preventive methods. Spray a small amount of defogging agent on the car glass window, and then wipe it clean to remove the dirt and stains on the glass window. Polishing the glass At the same time, a thin transparent protective film is formed on the glass, which can effectively prevent condensation of water vapor on the glass.

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